Inside Outback Australia UAV Camera provides:

Servicing both the Film/TV Industry and Scientific Research Community.

  • CASA Certified Operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Trained, skilled and agile UAV Pilot.
  • Fluid motion achieved through the use of a 3-axis stabilised gyro assisted camera gimbal.
  • Remote gimbal control, allowing Photographer/Cinematographer access to the camera gimbal, providing the ability to move the camera as a separate craft with visual real-time downlink for framing.
  • Customised manufacture of UAV to job specifications. Ability to carry variable weights, cameras, and surveying equipment.
  • Customised crafts manufactured using the latest technology and materials. Lightweight carbon fibre framing. Customised crafts are also available for purchase.
  • Professional product and adherence to strict CASA safety, risk management and privacy protocols.
  • Cost effective and time efficient solution to animal tracking and vegetation survey for scientific study.
  • Public liability insurance coverage for all operations.
  • Operating throughout Australia.

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