Daniel Gowland


Chief UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Operator. CASA certified.

Operations Manager.

Technician, Manufacturer & Maintenance.

Daniel Gowland  is certified by CASA and holds a UAV Operators Certificate. Licence number: 1-XLCKW-01

Daniels interest in UAV design, manufacture and filming, originated at the University of Wollongong studying as a Theatre Technician and Designer for a Bachelor of Creative Arts. This followed the completion of a Diploma in Architectural Design and Drafting. Daniel worked in the production industry throughout South East Australia and completed a course in Multimedia Production at Metro Screen. During this time, remotely piloted technology was on the brink of a major leap in evolution, and the industry was starting to gain momentum.

During early 2000, when the evolution of mobile communications boomed across the world, the size and cost of sensory components started to trickle into the community of Radio Controlled design. It was with this flush of new components that the opportunity to construct stable fliyng platforms beacame a reality. From the late seventies where Daniel was first exposed  to the radio controlled community – where the mechanical set and and control of the crafts were solely a reflection of the direct action of the pilot. To the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ UAVs of today, Daniel has experienced almost thirty years of maturing with a technology that is now safer than ever. This has lead Daniel to become a highly experienced, skilled and agile pilot.

Evan Papageorgiou



Director of Photography

Evan Papageorgiou, Director of Table Films, has been a long term collaborator with I.O.A in UAV Camera development. Evan brings to the team over a decade of cinematographic experience and expertise. His unique creative style spans multiple formats of image capture, with vast experiences in camera platforms. Including the ever reliable Dollies, through to multiple Steadicams, including manned and helicopter mounted.

Through the years of developing the UAV platform, a communication language has developed between the operators, which delivers a fluid, creative flight.

Evans extensive work can be viewed at www.evanpapageorgiou.com

Commercial Work










Robert C Lee



Director of GeoInteractive Pty Ltd

Founded in November 2013 by Robert Lee, GeoInteractive Pty Ltd is a new and innovative Geospatial service provider based in Wollongong NSW. Geointeractive aims to be the industry leader in scientific mapping and digital transformations using innovative technologies.
GeoInteractive assists clients with their geospatial needs by means of innovative mapping, scanning and imaging solutions.

A geologist and photographer (self titled geophotologist), graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geosciences, specialisations in photogrammetry, omni-directional imaging, geology and geophysics. Conducted projects for a range of mining, environmental, civil and statutory bodies in mines and project sites across Australia and abroad.